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How I became the Invitation Fairy Godmother...

THE FIRST WEDDING INVITATION I CREATED WAS MY OWN. I cooked the fibers, blended them, made the paper, and turned that paper into the invitations and the handmade envelopes. Although we burnt through three blenders doing so, it felt like worthy labor to handle every fiber and imbue it with love.

I first got hooked on paper making while finishing my Interior Design degree at San Jose State. I've always loved design of any type - fashion, architecture, products - and I love Love. That’s why I created Sleepy Hedgehog Press in 2003 which became Cara Couture Invitations in 2018. To me, life is all about relationships. Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to emit light into the world and bring positivity and happiness to others. I believe in love. That's really why I ended up doing what I do. I do it for Love.


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Why I love doing this work...

IT'S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS. I love the couples that come into my shop. Most of them start out looking a little overwhelmed, but after we sit down together and they tell me the story of how they met, of how beautiful their wedding is going to be, I can see them relax. They remember that it's about their relationship.

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It's my greatest joy to find inspiration that accurately expresses the personality of a couple's love. I have a knack for intuiting parts of a vision they didn't even realize they had until they were at my table feeling the texture and weight of the paper and we discuss the first visions of their unique invitations that their relationship inspires. It becomes play, a give and take. We begin to develop our relationship and then my design process begins in bringing these visions and ideas to light.


When a couple walks out the door lighter, relieved, smiling, having strengthened their bond rather than stressed it through yet another wedding logistic, I am happy. It let's me know that I've successfully guided and cared for yet another little piece of love in the world.

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H0w Cara Couture Invitations came to be...


SLEEPY HEDGEHOG PRESS. It's a unique name, I know, but the story of how it came about is dear to my heart. Back in 2003, I was the mother of two beautiful and active toddlers. One day I came across one of the boys' favorite books, and realized for the first time that the photo I’d always thought was cute rolling hedgehogs was actually two small sleeping babies that Anne Geddes had dressed up as hedgehogs. Something about the image spoke to me as an exhausted mother, and after enlisting my sons' cousin to design the logo, I adopted the name for my company and Sleepy Hedgehog Press became my “love child”. Since then, I have been as well remembered for my unique business name as for the couture invitations I create!

I will always hold a special place in my heart for this little hedgehog, but the time came to change the phrase that I heard coming out of people’s mouths. Now, instead of saying, "Oh, there's that hedgehog lady; that's a great product," I’m hearing them say, "Oh, there's Cara Laine. She created that hedgehog invitation company. I've heard she's amazing to work with and has a real intuition about connecting people's unique personalities with the perfect card."


Thank you for years of recognition!

  • 2018 NACE Award - Best of Industry for Stationery

  • 2017 NACE Award - Best of Industry for Stationery

  • 2017 Bay Area A-List Runner Up Best Wedding Invitations

  • 2016 Bay Area A-List Finalist Best Wedding Invitations

  • 2015 The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame

  • 2015 The Knot Best of Weddings!

  • 2014 Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award

  • 2014 The Knot Best of Weddings!

  • 2013 The Knot Best of Weddings!

  • 2012 NACE Award - Best of Industry for Stationery

  • 2011 The Knot Best of Weddings!

  • 2010 Bay Bella Publishing's Best of San Mateo County - Invitations

  • 2010 Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Award