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I know it can seem like there are a million decisions to make when you're planning a wedding, so I wanted to give you a head start and bring together some of my favorite items for everything from bridal party gifts to guestbooks to that perfect everyday gift.

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12oz Gypsy Vine Vintner Collection Wine Bottle

12oz Gypsy Vine Vintner Collection Wine Bottle


Why stop the fun when the wine is gone? A good glass of wine is always welcome, but now there is finally a use for all those empty bottles! To avoid them being sent directly to a landfill, these bottles are carefully transformed and repurposed for further enjoyment. After the precious liquid has been consumed, the empty bottles are gifted into our care from locals and small businesses. Each one is then cleaned, cut, sanded, and polished by hand for a smooth and balanced finish. Finally, the bottles are filled with pure soy wax infused with premium fragrance oils, all of which are designed to continue that good wine kind of mood.

Please note that due to the nature of our process, each and every bottle is unique. We recycle every individual bottle that comes our way, and we love how these natural variations provide our candles with such a bold and unmatchable presence. Physical characteristics such the bottle's shape and color of the glass will vary. Most bottles are cut to a height of 5 1/2".

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