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I know it can seem like there are a million decisions to make when you're planning a wedding, so I wanted to give you a head start and bring together some of my favorite items for everything from bridal party gifts to guestbooks to that perfect everyday gift.

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6oz Gypsy Vine Mason Jar Candle

6oz Gypsy Vine Mason Jar Candle


There is something so cozy about Mason Jars. Whether it is their Southern comfort feel or the simplistic charm they carry, they are without a doubt, undeniably cozy. Gypsy Vine Mason Jar Candles are appropriate for any and all occasions, be it bringing gratitude to a hostess, joy to a friend, thankfulness to your wedding guests, or a soft touch to your own home. Available in many sizes and fragrances, there is truly one for everyone with this conveniently simple choice.

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