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I know it can seem like there are a million decisions to make when you're planning a wedding, so I wanted to give you a head start and bring together some of my favorite items for everything from bridal party gifts to guestbooks to that perfect everyday gift.

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Guided Affirmation Journal Classic woman empowerment journal 2.jpg

Guided Affirmation Journal Classic

Guilded Shoreline Velvet Journal Geode_Dipdye Velvet.jpg

Guilded Shoreline Velvet Journal

Geode Dip Dye Velvet Journal Velvet2 2.jpg

Geode Dip Dye Velvet Journal

Textured Dusk Paper Journal gold paper 2.jpg

Textured Dusk Paper Journal

Guilded Stripe Paper Journal guilded stripe 2.jpg

Guilded Stripe Paper Journal

Topographical Marble Fabric Journal topo 2.jpg

Topographical Marble Fabric Journal